Depression given up on dating

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If you would like to participate in our Life Unlimited feature by sharing your story, please submit your contact information. Having grown up a country boy in Oklahoma, I was transplanted to the city―a typical kid enjoying my youth, hanging out with my friends, and playing sports.

Of course, I knew everything and was untouchable, though actually I was probably a pain in the rear for my parents!

I was lost, and the only people I could find to lean on were my fellow battle buddies.

We knew sometimes, without even talking, what each other was going through.

In October of 2000, I joined the United States Army and graduated Soldier Leader in my cycle out of Basic Training.

I deployed to Iraq in 2003 and served my country with pride. I began to push people away, avoided situations that reminded me of being in Iraq, and began to isolate myself. I had been injured in combat and was Honorably Discharged in 2004.

My marriage was failing, and I was even pushing my kids away.

I had lost all hope and was planning my own suicide.

To not look back in fear, to refuse discontent, to reject complacency, and to cast aside regret?I had an older brother and my parents are still together, so life was good, except for the part where I got my General Education Diploma.That’s right, I never graduated high school―and still would not change that.I found that spending time with fellow Veterans is the most powerful thing in my recovery, and I have spent time educating later generations of soldiers on PTSD and depression.I spend my time with others, giving back, living by the creed of selfless service I was taught in the military and growing up.

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I learned that I am resilient and able to get through hard times.